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Twisted Obsession

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Hybridized by Jerry Mix; Introduced by Patti Waterman
Jerry submitted this plant to be anonymously judged as a seedling in the 2011 Region 11 Oscie Whatley Bed in Columbia MO. Due to a late spring, it along with many of the seedlings submitted, failed to bloom in time to be judged. When the last meeting was over and most attendees had departed, it was unclaimed. Knowing Jerry was deceased and being acquainted with his hybridizing program, I brought it home to my garden for growing and evaluation. Iím sure glad I did! When I approached the family and shared what I had, they were thrilled. His wife, Betty, remembered Jerry being quite ill when he sent the plant, asking a friend to dig and ship it for him. The entire plant was submitted. They no longer have any hybridizing records, so no record is known of the parentage of the plant. If I had to guess, it has Lola Branham in there somewhere. They have named it and I am proud to be introducing it in partnership with the family.
Name: Twisted Obsession
Description: A truly impressive soft yellow ruffled UF cascading crispate with intense green throat spilling down midribs; very fragrant; dormant; diploid; fertility untested.
Average Height: 48"
Bloom Diameter:
Viewed in Garden
7.5" with a 12" wingspan
Season: Mid-Late(ML)
Re-Bloom?: Yes
Branching and Bud Count: 2x19
Price: $100.00